I actually joined the GYM ...

So this is a bit of a random post but I hope it will be an interesting read all the same. Today I am very proud of myself. *big grin* I have stuck to my new years resolution of joining the gym and I actually went today for a proper work out. GO ME! Before I start rambling on, this is going to be a pretty lengthy post but I'm hoping a lot of you can relate to it and share some of your own tips with me. 

So here goes, I thought I better start off with the fact I actually work at a gym. Yes you heard me, I work at a gym, get a free membership and don't use it? Your probably thinking WHY but there are many reasons. I'm there five times a week, I basically live at the place for god sake so why would I want to spend even more time there? Also, I would have to go before work which is a big no as  I would be shattered before my shift has even begun or after when all I want to do is go home. Work is 30 minutes away on the bus too so travelling to the gym on my days off has certainly never appealed to me.

Let's say I'm pretty picky when it comes to gyms. Firstly, I HATE big gyms, the type that are full of arrogant 'check me out' types. I just cannot bare the thought of working out in front of people like this. It doesn't help I'm a bit of a paranoid pete but lets just say I would feel very uncomfortable. Secondly, I have never lived close to a gym. I don't drive therefore getting the bus to a gym makes me want to vom. Can you imagine getting on a bus after the gym looking like a right sweaty betty? I know there are changing rooms at the gym but there is absolutely NO chance I could be bothered messing around doing my hair, make-up etc after a workout. When I have been to the gym I just want to go home, get a shower and get into my PJs. How people manage to go to the gym before work has always been beyond me. High five if this applies to you.

Anyway, this all changed yesterday when I signed up to a gym right next to my flat. I have lived in my current flat for a few months now and have recently realised there is a gym at the hotel down the road. My boyfriend kept saying 'we're going to join' but I always felt a bit silly joining a gym when I work at one. Anyway, after a few attempts of using the gym at work, I just knew I would never use it regularly. In the end, we thought sod it and decided to join. I am SO glad we did. We went today for the first time and it is such a cute little gym. Even though it isn't amazing to look at, it had absolutely everything we needed. It also has a gorgeous swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room so we had everything we needed. We also got a discounted price for living locally which was a bonus.

After my first experience at the gym today, I really enjoyed it. I never thought I'd hear myself say it but I now understand why people say they feel so much better after a workout. Me and my boyfriend were the only people in there for the first hour and then a couple more strolled in. Luckily they weren't the 'look at me' types, so I felt completely comfortable. We also went for a swim and steam which was a nice end to a hard workout. As it is so nearby I literally threw some clothes on and came home. It was nice to have no travelling or showering in the horrible gym showers.

I've always had a fairly normal figure. Never fat, never too skinny which has always been nice. I've never done much exercise or dieted so I have been lucky in the respect I maintained a healthy weight. However, I have always looked at girls with amazing toned bodies and thought I'd love to have more definition. I remember being 16 and having naturally amazing abs so my goal is to get them back. I know there hiding somewhere. I basically wanted to do this post as I am determined to stick with my new gym regime and to share my progress with you all. The picture below is my bikini bod back in June 2011. Obviously, I'm not remotely fat but I could look better. I've always hated my hips and bum so thats the main area I want to work on. My aim is to stick at the gym, show you how I progress and how my body has changed with regular exercise.

Has anyone else recently joined the gym? Do you suffer with the same gym phobias as me? I'd love to hear your stories! I can't wait to start seeing some positive changes to my body. It will give me so much more confidence!

Lots of Love,



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