My Layout Problem ...

So this post is a cry for help! I'm hoping you guys can help me with my blogs layout. It is totally winding me up how crappy my blog looks. I'm hoping one of my readers is a complete whizz-kid with layouts and can help me  improve it?
I literally don't have the first clue how to do anything apart from the basics. I really enjoy writing my blog and have had some great feedback on my posts but I think a blog needs to have an eye-catching lay out to give it the finishing touch. I love simple designs as I think a blog should be easy to read and not too 'busy'. Sometimes if there is too much all over the place it can be quite overwhelming.

I want a fairly plain background but I really really really want a cool header? I have seen so many blogs with amazing fonts on their headers and I just don't have a clue how to do this. All I can do is use the basics. Is there a way of adding a new font? I have googled and searched to my hearts content and I am still completely clueless.

While I'm on this subject, does anyone know how to get a link that takes you straight to Twitter? I have seen 'follow me' buttons on blogs and I don't know how to get one! If you do want to follow me on Twitter, you can do so here.

I would highly appreciate some help with my layout problem. Even websites that offer free designs/fonts would be helpful? I just want a pretty looking blog, is that too much to ask? *sob*

Lots of Love,



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