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My makeup collection had become what can only be described as an unruly MESS. I was storing it all in a large box under my dressing table and every morning the rummaging around and not being able to find certain items was beginning to drive me insane. In the past, I never thought I had enough makeup to have a proper storage system in place but when the large box was almost over flowing, I thought the time for proper storage had come. This is when I started doing a bit of research online for a unit to keep my stash in. I originally looked at plastic drawers, you know the type you would see in an office or school? As practical as they are, I just didn't think they would look 'pretty' enough in my bedroom. I wanted something that was practical, displayed my makeup and looked pretty as well.

I then came across 'Muji' acrylic drawers on a LOT of blogs. It seemed they were very popular, practical and they looked nice too. Bonus. They are basically acrylic, stackable drawers so you can keep your makeup neat and be able to see it through the drawers. A lot of reviews also said the Muji drawers were a cheaper version of the 'Clear Cube' storage unit used by the Kardashian sisters.The 'Clear Cube' retails for 100's of pounds, so I definitely wasn't willing to fork out that amount of money on some storage. I remember watching the Kardashians and seeing their makeup all neatly stacked in a clear unit and thinking 'wow' so the thought of having my own version was very appealing.

A lot of reviews I read online mentioned the 5 drawer set but I actually ended up ordering 3 of the 2 drawer sets to make a 6 drawer unit. I worked out I would need a drawer for face, bronzers, blush, eyes, lips and palettes so 6 was perfect for me. I ordered my drawers from the Muji website, here. It cost me £10.95 for the two drawers so 3 cost me £32.85. I think this is a pretty reasonable price for something that will make such a difference to my 'getting ready' routine. I really love the idea of being able to buy as many drawers as you need too. The website said delivery could take up to 10 days which is quite a long time, but the wait was worth and my Muji packaged arrived in about a week. The drawers were nicely bubble-wrapped to protect and I just couldn't wait to rip the packaging off and get them set up. I must admit, they were a bit smaller than I'd hoped as the drawers are quite shallow. However, I don't have a ridiculously large collection so they are big enough (for now!). I do feel like I will need more drawers in the near future though.

I absolutely love my new Muji storage system. The unit is the perfect size to sit on top of my dressing table and it makes getting ready a breeze in comparison to my 'box'storage. Here is a look at my storage before and after.



Overall, I am really happy I purchased the Muji drawers and I will definitely be buying some more when my collection grows. 

Do you use the Muji drawers to store your make-up? Or do you use an alternative system? I'd love to see/hear about your storage methods.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday evening and has nice Valentine's day plans for tomorrow.

Lots of Love,



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