Barry M Spring/Summer Shades

L-R Blueberry I/C, Peach Melba, Bright Pink, Yellow & Berry I/C.

Today I would like to share my love for Barry M nail polishes. I haven't mentioned them much on my blog so I believe they deserve a dedicated blog post. Firstly, I have LOADS of these nail polishes as I think they are amazing quality for such an affordable price. I think I own around 13 at the moment which isn't a lot compared to some of you Barry M maniacs, but it's a fairly large amount none the less. 
For £2.99 a pop, you really can't complain. They apply opaquely, quite often only needing one coat and they remain chip-free for days. To be honest, I don't really own many 'high-end' nail polishes as I just don't see the point when you can find the same quality on the high-street. Topshop nail polish is also a high-street fave of mine and I'm yet to try Models Own.
I just wanted to share with you a collection of Spring/Summer shades I own from Barry M as I'm feeling in quite a 'summery' mood. The weather is finally getting nicer and the thought of going to the Australian sun in 4 weeks is getting me all excited. Spring/Summer is such a nice time of year and I love all the bright colours that come along with it.

I actually spent a good 20 minutes this morning painting these individual false nails so you could see the colours. (Dedication or sadness? you decide). I was like a big child sat on my bedroom floor surrounded by nail polish and false nails. My boyfriend said I'm the weirdest person he knows for doing random things like this on a regular basis, thanks Matt. Safe to say, it was quite a messy process but I hope the results were worth the faffing around and you can see how each of these lovely colours look on the nail. My faves of the bunch are Peach Melba and Berry I/C. I love pastel colours and I think these two are perfect for the spring. The only thing I would say is, I am quite un-impressed with some of Barry M's name choices. I love a good product name, it gives it that interesting edge and a more personal touch. Is that just me? So for Barry M to name some of these 'Bright Pink' and 'Yellow' is stating the obvious and a little dull. However, for £2.99, who am I to complain? I think I can ignore the lack of imaginative names and love them for what they are, a great bloomin nail polish!

Does anyone else love Barry M nail polishes? What's your favourite shade?

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. My family are visiting me and my boyfriend in Newcastle so I am looking forward to an evening of good food, good company, lots of alcohol and lots of laughs! 

Lots of Love,



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