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Hey Lovelies. Today's post is about a new obsession I'd like to share with you all. Basically, I am an absolute lipstick whore. I can't get enough of them. Is it just me that thinks they look so sleek and sexual in their little tubes? I love experimenting with lip color and I find it's the one face product I can really experiment and go a bit wild with. I especially love my MAC lipsticks as you all know and currently own a fairly large collection of 15. What a joke. Anyway, my lipstick mad self has now entered into a new lippie love affair with Topshop Lipsticks. Oh my goodness, they are amazing. Firstly, I totally adore the cute little tubes with the black and white polka-dot lids. How cute? I also love that they are amazingly pigmented due to their 'satin' finish. Even though they look matte on the lips, they still feel moisturising which is one thing MAC doesn't provide in their matte lipsticks. Brownie points for you Topshop. I have owned two of the Topshop lipsticks for quite some time now in the shades 'Desert' and 'Rio Rio'. As you can see from the above picture, they have both been very well-loved and used excessively. Desert is the perfect nude shade for every day wear and Rio Rio is the most beautiful orangey red shade I have ever come across. It's definitely up there in my top five lipsticks of all time.

Being the greedy little thing that I am, I decided two wasn't enough and I decided to order a couple more. I opted for the shades 'Ohh La La' and 'Innocent'. I liked the look of these two as they are different from anything else I own in my growing lipstick collection. Of course, I already own corals and pinks but these two shades are pretty unique. Innocent is a pink shade but it has a hint of purple when applied to the lips. This may sound odd but it is gorgeous and very unique. I believe it would suit most skin tones and it is a very wearable 'everyday' shade. Ohh La La is a coral lipstick that is unlike any other coral shade I own. It is a gorgeous pastel peach and it has a Satin finish meaning it is matte on the lips. Most corals I own are either glossy, shimmery, bright or very pale. I love how this is the perfect 'in-between' shade and is very versatile. This will look gorgeous in the up-coming summer months. 

So, I currently own four of these lovely lipsticks. However, I know I won't stop at four and will be making another purchase soon. I've got my eye on 'Brighton Rock' and the 'lip stick' in 'Powder Room'. At £8.00 a lipstick, you really can't complain for the quality you receive. I love the fact I am paying high-street prices for high-end quality. I know £8.00 is still pricey compared to some high-street brands but for me, Topshop lipsticks are by far the best I've ever come across on the high-street. Pigmented, moisturising, long-lasting and cheap(ish), what more could a girl want? The only thing I would like to see is a larger range of colours. The website is currently lacking in choice and I can see myself having them all before they get around to releasing more shades. Please feed my addiction Topshop and release some fabulous new shades for the S/S months. Thank you kindly.

L-R - Desert, Ohh La La, Innocent & Rio Rio

All of the above (apart from Desert), can be found on the Topshop website here. Also, what do you guys think of my first proper attempt on Photoshop? My little sister showed me how to edit pictures like this because I'm so clueless. How shocking that a 12 year old knows more about computers than I do. Do you approve? I'd love to hear your feedback.

Have you ever tried the Topshop lipsticks? Do you love them as much as I do?

Lots of Love,



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