Brisbane Haul

Hey Guys! If you read my last post you will know I went to Brisbane on Thursday and went shopping on Friday. Here are all the goodies I picked up on my little shopping spree. I have to say, I feel I was quite good as I could of bought a lot more and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. There were so many nice shops and the fact everything was new and different to the UK just made it all the more exciting. I'm not going to go through each item and say where its from as I don't really have a clue myself to be honest. There was one shop called 'Dissh' that really stood out to me and there were so many things I could of bought in there. I limited myself to this cute Aztec skirt and Ray ban sunnies though. I think my favourite purchase of the day was the tan handbag as I've been after a new tan handbag for a while now and this one was a bargain at $90. That's around fifty pounds which isn't bad for a handbag that will go with absolutely everything and be used nearly every day.  In terms of makeup, I was super duper excited to see NYX and Inglot as these are two brands that aren't easy to come across in the UK. I seriously could have gone wild in Inglot but I won't go into details now as I'm going to do a separate post with swatches of my Inglot purchases. I also bought a pair of slouchy joggers but I thought they were too boring to show you. Anyway, thats all from me. I'm trying to keep this post short and sweet but I'm a rambler as you've all probably gathered by now. Its currently 23:56 in Australia so I best get to sleep.

I hope everyones had a fab weekend!

Lots of Love,

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