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Hey Ladies! Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days. I've been a busy bee and with the 9 hour time difference between Oz and the UK, its quite the challenge finding an appropriate time to write and post. Hopefully I'll get into some kind of Australia blogging routine soon though. Now, onto the post. If you read my Brisbane Haul you will know that I picked up some Inglot goodies. I was pretty chuffed to find an Inglot shop as I've always liked the look of their products but with the UK having very limited stores, I've never been able to go into a shop and test out their huge array of products.  When I say huge, I mean huge. No wonder Inglot don't give their products names. Jeez, they would be thinking of names forever if they did. As much as I do like products I buy to have names, I can forgive Inglot for using numbers instead after seeing their vast amount of products. 
So, what did I pick up? Well, I didn't go too wild as I plan to go back to Brisbane in July and spend my birthday money. However, I did pick up a 10 pan eyeshadow palette, three eyeshadows and a lipstick which is a nice little lot all the same. I obviously had to get some eyeshadows and one of the infamous palettes after hearing so much about them on blogs/youtube. I originally asked the MUA for a three pan palette to fit my new shadows but I decided I  of course would end up buying more so opted for 10 instead. Much like MAC, I love the concept of building your own eyeshadow palettes as you can fill it with colours you actually like and would wear. I must admit, I think I prefer the Inglot palette to my MAC one. I like the fact you can see the shadows through the palette, the shadows themselves are larger squares compared to MAC's small circular shadows and the magnetic lid is just genius. I get a strange satisfaction from clicking it on and off. Yes, I really am that sad. Oh and to top it all of, the Inglot palettes and shadows are a fraction of the price compared with MAC. I paid $18 for the palette and only $10 each for the eyeshadows. That works out at around 11/6 pounds. Bargain. 
The eyeshadows I picked out are very neutral, metallic shades including a pale cream highlight colour, a metallic golden brown for all over the lid and a deep metallic brown for the crease. When I say 'metallic', I mean they have a very high shine to them without them being disco ball glittery. Also, I have to mention how creamy these shadows are. The swatches shown above are after one swipe with my finger and the colour payoff is fantastic.
The lipstick I chose is a gorgeous berry shade, number 128. I love pink colours like this and already have a few you could say are pretty similar. I know I shouldn't have really bought it as I have things similar like MAC Impassioned/Girl About Town but just look how pretty it is? I'd say my biggest makeup weakness is lipsticks so I don't really need any excuse to buy a new one. I think I just wanted to own an Inglot lipstick to add to my ever growing collection. I wore is last night and it looked lovely. It was very vivid colour payoff and felt extremely moisturising on my lips. This cost me $27 which is around 15 pounds in the UK. I'm pretty sure this is more expensive than they are in the UK but I didn't mind paying it as a one off. Overall, I am massively impressed with Inglot and so happy I decided to treat myself to a few things. I just can't wait to head back to Brisbane now and pick out seven more colours to fill my palette. 

Have you ever tried anything from Inglot? What do you think of their products?

Lots of Love,

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