Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos

Hey Ladies! I know I'm very late posting about this hype but I wanted to give my opinion anyway. I bought two of the Maybelline 24 hr Colour Tattoos around a month ago now in shades Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze. Yes, I admit, I gave into the blogging hype as per usual and decide I needed them in my life. I decided to go for these two colours as they were the most 'me' out of the bunch. I love a gold/bronze smokey eye so I thought these would be perfect. I also picked them up as part of the Boots 3 for 2 deal. Bargain. These eyeshadows are a gel-cream formula which I found appealing as it is something new to spice up my eyeshade collection. I usually go for bog-standard powder eyeshadows but I have always liked the sound of cream shadows. I think they have an amazing metallic look about them. The only cream eyeshadow I own other than these is a MAC paint pot which has been highly compared to the colour tattoos. I personally do NOT get the hype surrounding paint pots. Infact, I'd go as far as saying I hate them. I first bought one based on the fact I'd read lots of reviews saying they made for a good eyeshadow base. I personally see absolutely no difference when using them under my eyeshadow and the shade I own called 'Bare Study' looks pretty 'meh' on its own as well. So after a few attempts of trying to make it work, my paint pot now sits in my drawer very unloved. Anyway, sorry for going off on a tangent but I just want you to know my feelings on the MAC paint pot because I think the Maybelline version is 10x better and costs a fraction of the price. Paint pots are currently priced at 14.50 (ridiculous) whereas these little beauties are only £4.99. I really don't know how high-end brands get away with charging so much sometimes. Anyway, I love these eyeshadows. My personal favourite is 'On and On Bronze' as it gives the post amazing metallic finish on my eye. It has recently been my go-to eyeshadow for everyday wear. These shadows blend like a dream and have amazing pigmentation. I must admit 'Eternal Gold' is a little flakey but I tend to use it on my inner corners and it looks lovely. I apply these shadows with my MAC 239 brush and it works excellently. However, due to their gel/cream formula, they are easy to apply with a finger if you don't have a suitable eyeshadow brush. As for actually living up to their '24 hour' claims, I wouldn't know. I haven't worn them for a solid 24 hours but who would? If I go to bed and I'm not being lazy, I'll take my makeup off therefore I can't say wether they do last for that length of time or not. However, I can tell you they do last a long time. After swatting them on my hand, the colour stays on unless I really scrub it off. Overall, I am very impressed with these eyeshadows and their small price tag.

Have you tried the Maybelline 24 hr Colour Tattoo eyeshadows? What do you think?

Lots of Love,

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