Babyliss Pro Argan Oil Review

Following on from my last post all about haircare, I thought I would tell you about a hair product I have been loving lately. Now I'm pretty sure you have all heard of hair oils and since Morroccan oil came on the scene they have taken the beauty and blogging world by storm. I actually wanted to get my hands on the Loreal Mythic Oil as it sounded like a cheaper alternative to the pricey Moroccan Oil but whilst I was travelling to Australia, I spotted this product in the duty free magazine whilst on my flight to Singapore. When the air hostesses came round to ask if we wanted to buy anything, I decided I would snap it up. The product I am talking about, if you haven't already guessed from the pictures is 'Babyliss Pro Argan Oil'. To be honest, I had never heard of this product before but it stood out to me right away after reading the magazine summary. It sounded very similar to every other oil I've heard about so I thought why not give it a whirl? I'm always on the look out for miracle hair products so this sounded right up my street.  
I have been over in Australia for around a month now and I have been using this on my hair 2 or 3 times a week. As you all probably know, I have bleached blonde hair meaning it is prone to dryness and breakage. When using this product I apply a coin sized amount on my hands, rub my hands together and then run them through towel dried hair, particularly concentrating on the ends. As this is an oil, I try not applying too much to the top of my hair to avoid greasy roots. If I use the right amount this works wonders and leaves my hair feeling light, soft and silky. If you apply too much it will make your hair look greasy but that is inevitable when applying any oil based product to the hair. I have found that the condition of my hair has improved dramatically since I began using this product. It makes my hair feel smooth, silky and shiny and as well as improving the look and feel, I have also noticed a difference to the ends as well. It seems my dry and damaged split ends are now a thing of the past. It gives me great joy running my fingers through silky soft hair, yet! Also, I must add that this also smells lovely. I'm not sure how I would describe it but it is lovely.
I paid $30.00 for this, which works out at around £17.00 for 100ml of product. Although you may think this is expensive for a hair product, it will last such a long time that I think the price is justified. As this product is mainly found in Australia, I have struggled finding a seller in the UK. However, after doing some thorough online research (what a dedicated blogger haha!) I have managed to find it on Ebay and Amazon. I have noticed the label is slightly different in the UK but the bottle itself and size is exactly the same. The cheapest price I found was £13.14 from a seller on Ebay. They post Worldwide and delivery only costs £1.44 meaning you can get the product plus delivery for £14.58. This is even cheaper than I paid at duty free and compared with the £30.00 price tag of Moroccan Oil, I think it is fairly reasonable. If you want to check out the Ebay seller I am talking about, you can do so hereOverall, I love this product and am so glad I have found it. I will certainly be repurchasing when I eventually run out. My hair feels amazing and I really don't have any complaints about this product. Moroccan who?

Have you ever tried this hair oil or the infamous Moroccan Oil?
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love,

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