Making Over Mel


Hey Beautifuls! As you all have probably gathered by now, I am obsessed with beauty products and although I do enjoy applying makeup to to my own face, I much prefer applying it on other people. Ever since I was a youngster I have always done peoples makeup for them. I think it all began when I would bribe my younger cousins into letting me give them a 'makeover'. I look back now and think 'oh my goodness' as I would apply bright blue eyeshadow and bright pink lips. Thank god my tastes in makeup have evolved since then. Anyway, my friend Mel over here in Oz recently asked me if I would do her makeup before an engagement party we were both attending. I of course said yes and I wanted to share with you a few pictures so you can see my skills. I realise I'm no makeup artist but I still think I did a pretty nifty job for an amateur. Talking of makeup artists, I'm really beginning to think thats the career I should peruse. As much as I love Journalism, I don't think I would enjoy it unless I was a beauty journalist. I can't help thinking this is unlikely to happen due to the high competition out there so I'm thinking my next option could be a makeup artist? After all, I get great pleasure from makeup (hence the blog) and I imagine I would really enjoy working with it on a daily basis. As you can see from the pictures above, I laid out a selection of makeup and brushes on my dads kitchen table and set to work on making Mel look glam. To be honest, she looks great without makeup anyway so I was just enhancing her natural features. I know you'll be reading this Mel so thanks for letting me take pictures of your bare face to splash across the internet. As you can see, I went for a smokey gold/brown eye, peach cheeks and a bright coral lip. Mel was wearing a coral top for the party so she wanted something to compliment it. I think the bronzed/peach look definitely worked well with her outfit and the gold eyeshadow really brought out her bright green eyes. I also applied some lashes to really make her eyes 'pop' (what a cringey word!). Mel was like an excited little girl while I was doing her makeup and she couldn't wait to see the finished results. When she finally looked in the mirror she absolutely loved it and it was such a great feeling knowing I'd made someone feel good about themselves. She couldn't stop looking in the mirror and it was very flattering that she loved it so much. At the party she got endless compliments on her makeup and I was over the moon. She has even got my a proper paid makeup job as one of her friends loved it so much she wants hers doing. How exciting? I really enjoyed the whole experience of applying the makeup, seeing the difference in before and after and genuinely making someone feel fab about themselves. A definite success in my opinion. 

I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow, aren't Mondays just the worst?

Lots of Love,

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