NARS Laguna Bronzer

Hey Ladies! I know you will have probably already seen a million reviews of the infamous NARS Laguna bronzer but I wanted to share my thoughts on it anyway. As you may of noticed, I have featured this in every favourites or FOTD I have posted on my blog. I would even go as far as saying this is my favourite high-end beauty product. I  use this every single time I apply my makeup and it the best bronzer I have ever used. It is the 'best' in my opinion for a few reasons. Firstly, I love the packaging of NARS products and feel so glam when pulling this out of my makeup bag. There is something so sleek and elegant about it and if I could afford everything from NARS, trust me, I'd have the lot. Secondly, I love the colour. You may be thinking, 'it's just a bronzer' but in my opinion you can go so wrong with a bronzer. Lets face it, nobody likes the oompah loompah look that some bronzers provide but luckily, Laguna does the opposite. Rather than providing an orange look, this bronzer creates a lovely bronzed glow. It has an almost matte finish making it perfect for contouring but it does contain very finely milled shimmer meaning it creates a glowy effect. If you are looking for a matte bronzer but are worried about it being too flat, this bronzer is perfect as it has the perfect balance between matte and shimmer. Nobody wants to look like a disco ball right?
As well as the actual product itself, I love how long this stuff lasts. When I have bought drugstore bronzers in the past they have only lasted me around a month. This bronzer typically lasts me 3-4 months and I have repurchased this 3 times so far. The only bad thing about this product of course is the price. Nobody wants to splash out £24.00 on a bronzer but trust me, it is worth it. This provides my face with exactly what it needs in a morning. It warms up my skin tone, gives me a subtle glow and defines my cheekbones. It really is one of my must-have products. Also, I can almost justify the price when I think about how long this lasts me. I think 3 months with everyday use is pretty good going. If you don't wear makeup everyday, of course it will last even longer. I've not been wearing makeup every day while I've been in Oz so I haven't even started to hit pan on this and I bought it 6 weeks ago. If you want to buy this wonderful product it is available on the NARS website, ASOS or Space NK.

Have you ever tried NARS Laguna? Do you love it as much as me?

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