A New Favourite | Revlon 'Lollipop' Lip Butter

Hey Lovelies! I recently tweeted about how much I am loving 'Lollipop' Lip Butter by Revlon. It has quickly become my go-to lip product and has found a comfortable position among my favourites. For me, its all about the lips. If you are a regular reader of myy blog, I'm sure you will know by now how much I love lip products. I actually worked out the other day I have around 40 lipsticks. I was quite shocked at myself when I worked it out, obsessed much? Anyway, I realise I have blogged about the lip butters in a previous post here but I wanted to dedicate one just to the shade Lollipop. I've said it all before but I'll say it again. I love the packaging, the formula, the pigmentation and most of all I love the colour. I am a huge fan of a deep pink lip and have quite the collection. From MAC 'Girl About Town' to my most recent Inglot purchase, its clear to see this is one of my favourite lip colours. However, there is just something extra special about this lip butter that makes me reach for it over all my other berry pink shades. I think the formula of this product makes it exceptionally wearable. I have worn this during the day and also on a night out which is something I haven't done with my MAC or Inglot lipsticks. I think the glossy finish these lip butters provide makes them very versatile as I can add a hint of colour or build it up so it is bright and bold. As you can see from the picture above, when paired with a fairly neutral eye it really brightens up my face and gives my makeup a more polished look. I also own Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti lip butters but 'Lollipop' is my favourite by far. I bought mine from Boots on the 3 for 2 offer so I'd highly recommend holding out for that and giving these a try. They are a much cheaper than high-end lipsticks at only £7.99 each and in my opinion they are just as lovely. 

Do you love the Revlon Lip Butters as much as I do? Whats your favourite shade?
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love,

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