Joico Moisture Recovery Leave-In Moisturizer

Hey Lovelies! If you read my Feel Unique treats post here, you will know that I recently picked up the 'Moisture Recovery Leave-In Moisturizer' by Joico. Now Joico isn't a brand I'm overly familiar with and if I'm being honest, this was a bit of an impulse buy. However, I am so glad I did purchase this as it has now opened my eyes to the wonders of Joico. As I said, it isn't a brand I am overly familiar with but after doing a bit of research I discovered it is the brand behind 'K-PAK' products which I have seen in salons and heard rave reviews about. I would class Joico as a high-end brand but their prices aren't stupidly ridiculous like some other brands I have come across. I also loved this little quote in the 'about' section of their website,

We eat, sleep and breathe beauty. Why? Because beauty isn't our job - it's our passion. 
(I'm sure all us beauty obsessed ladies can relate to this?)

So as I was trawling through the bazillion haircare products Feel Unique have to offer, this hair 'moisturiser' caught my eye. I'm not sure if its just me but I have never seen another hair product called a moisturizer before? I have had every other product going from oils, treatments to leave-in conditioners but never a moisturiser. I was instantly intrigued by the name and absolutely loved the sleek and simple packaging. I then went on to read the description and it won me over. This product claims to revitalise dry/coarse hair and give it some much needed moisture. As I have bleached blonde hair I decided this product would be perfect for my dry, colour-treated hair and popped it in my basket. When this arrived in the post I was completely shocked at how big the bottle is, it is huge (300ml to be precise). The next thing I did was give it a spray so I could have a smell of it. For me, hair products have got to smell nice. Who wants stinky hair? No thanks. Luckily for Joico, I fell in love at first sniff. (Okay that sounds wrong!) Seriously though, this spray smells just like those luxury products they use in hair salons. I always leave the hair salon with wonderful smelling hair and this has that same 'hairdresser' type scent. If that makes any sense? It smells so good I haven't stopped spraying it from the moment I got it. When it comes to applying this product, I don't stick to a certain routine. On the back of the bottle it says to use this on damp, towel dried hair but I have been spraying it liberally whenever I feel like it. Oohh, how rebellious of me? ha! The reason for this is because when sprayed it is a light mist, meaning it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy, even when its dry. I find myself applying this spray morning and night to give my hair that added moisture it might be lacking as well as straight after a shower along with my Babyliss Pro Argan Oil. I have also noticed that it helps detangle my hair due to its conditioning formula. As well as this, the description on the Feel Unique website says this product can also be used as a facial spray for instant rehydration, a body moisturiser and to set make-up in place. Multi-tasker? Even better. Now I can't say I have seen a difference in my hair due to this product alone because I have been using it along with other products. However, what I will say is that my hair has never as soft, shiny and nourished as it is currently. With that being said, I will continue to use this gigantic bottle till every last bit is gone. Even if its just so I can have lovely salon smelling hair every day of the week. 

This product can be found on the Feel Unique website here for £12.95 which is fairly reasonable due to the huge amount of product you get. If you have dry hair and are in need of a moisture boost, I would highly recommend this spray.

Have you ever tried anything from Joico?

Lots of Love,

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