MAC Mineralize Skinfinish | Gold Deposit

Wearing Gold Deposit on my cheeks 

Hello lovely ladies! Today I would like to review one of my favourite highlighters, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in the shade 'Gold Deposit'. I used to use the Soft and Gentle MSF which was one of my first purchases from MAC and I absolutely love it. However, as I was almost hitting pan (two years later by the way), I decided to give Gold Deposit a whirl instead. I got this as a christmas present from my lovely boyfriend last year after months of eyeing it up and have been loving it ever since. Aside from limited edition collections, Gold Deposit and Soft and Gentle are the only two permanent MSFs that MAC have to to offer. I personally think they need to expand their range as they are definitely one of my favourite products from the brand. If you don't know what a mineralise skin finish is, it is basically a multi-purpose product that is mainly used for highlighting. However, they can also be used as a blush or eyeshadow depending on the colour you get. So why do I love them so much? Well firstly I have to mention how pretty they are, I mean who couldn't love them? Just look how beautiful it looks in the pan. All of the MSFs have a beautiful veining effect through them meaning they are all unique and not one looks exactly the same as another. Pretty cool ey? As well as them looking pretty, they are amazingly soft and insanely pigmented. As you can see in the photo above, with one swipe of my finger I get an incredible colour pay-off. Gold Deposit is a gorgeous bronze colour whereas Soft and Gentle is a golden champagne shade. Depending on your skin type, you can pick the one to suit you. I personally love a bronzed look and always apply bronzer all over my face when doing my makeup. I find Golden Deposit works really well over bronzer to give my skin that healthy glow. I only need to lightly dab my brush in this and sweep it across the top of my cheekbones to get the desired 'glowy' effect. If you don't like the bronzed look, I would 100% recommend Soft and Gentle as it will look amazing with fair, 'English Rose' type skin. Moving on to the bad part, the price. As with anything from MAC, it isn't going to be cheap. These cost £21.50 and can be found here on the MAC website. Although this is a lot of money for a highlighter, I really believe you get what you pay for. For me, this price is justified because I know how amazing the quality is and how long it will last. As I said earlier, my Soft and Gentle version lasted me 2 years with regular use before I completely hit pan. You get a large 10g of product in the pan and as they are so pigmented, you only need the slightest amount each time you use it. Overall, I couldn't recommend these more if you are looking for the perfect highlighter. I am wearing it in the pictures above and think it adds a lovely polished finish to the rest of my makeup. 

Have you tried the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes? Whats your favourite highlighter?
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