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Hey Ladies! So as I promised in my last post that I would show you the things I got for my birthday on Friday. I know I said I would post this on Monday but my dads internet hasn't been working so apologies for the delay. I would firstly like to say, I am in no way bragging by showing you the things I was fortunate enough to receive. I realise every blogger/youtuber says this but I feel its important as I am so grateful for everything. The reason I wanted to post this is because I got a few things you might be interested in and I personally love reading these kind of posts myself. Anyway, here are the things I got. Pre warning - Lots of pictures!

I Phone 4S
Sparkly Cover
Pandora Charms
Lots of Makeup/Nail Polish
Vouchers to Pamper Myself
Marc Jacobs Perfumes
Joico Hair products
Cute Undies
Bling Hairbrush
My Fave Lashes
Stripe & Peter Pan Collar Shirts
Napoleon Products

As you can see, I got so many lovely things and I couldn't be happier. The biggest surprise of the day for me was 100% the iPhone. My dad and Step Mum bought me it and I had no idea they were planning on getting me one. I had mentioned a few times how much I hated my 'Shitberry' (excuse my french) so I guess they'd had enough of my moaning haha. I must say though, I absolutely love it. It has been glued to my hand since Friday and it poops all over my Blackberry. I was also very excited I can now be on Instagram, yey. As I can get a bit snap happy, it is the perfect app/social networking/website thingy majiggy for me. As if an iPhone wasn't enough, they also got me two pandora charms, a kangaroo and a little boy. You may think like these seem like a random choice but they actually represent Australia and Brothers. As I'm sure your all aware by now, I am currently staying with my dad, Step mum and two brothers in Australia. As I don't get to see them very often or share my birthday with them, I think the thought behind these charms is very sweet. I then got three more charms off my Step mums brother and his wife. Its safe to say I am well and truly stocked up on the charm front. My lovely family in the UK decided they would put money in my bank as it costs far too much money to send presents over to Australia so I have decided I am going to use the money to book a nice hotel in Brisbane when my boyfriend gets here next week. We are going on a shopping trip and he is going to treat me. Again, we decided it wouldn't be worth the costs of postage so I shall look forward to our little shopping spree With this being said, my family are such gems that much to my surprise I got a big envelope in the post that my mum/nanna had stuffed with goodies. This included the jewellery, underwear, peter pan top, lashes and makeup pictured above. I also got a package off my other nanna which had the Sleek Blush palette in it. She had hunted it down on ebay for me after she read I wanted it on my blog. (How cute?) My boyfriend also sent me over a little package with the topshop lipsticks and nail polishes. I was so grateful that they did that as they still made me feel really special even though we are thousands of miles apart. As I mentioned in my last post, we had a Thai takeaway in the evening and much to my surprise again, I was then handed a big box full of Napoleon makeup. Napoleon is an Australian brand and I have heard such rave reviews about it since I got here so I was super excited to finally be able to try some of their products. I will be reviewing all of the beauty products I got over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled if anything takes your fancy. I also mentioned in my last post about my MAC birthday cake. After we had finished our meal, my Step Mum brought out a cake that they had specially made for me in the shape of a MAC lipstick. I literally couldn't believe it and I burst out laughing because we had joked about it a few days earlier. We made my brother a cake for his birthday and I said 'Oh, I think you should whip me up a MAC cake seeing as I love it so much'. To be honest I didn't think anything more of it then low and behold, a MAC cake appears in front of me. It certainly did make me laugh but I also loved how thoughtful it was. 

My MAC Cake - How Bling?!

So there we have it, my lovely birthday presents. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would just like to say a huge thank you so my amazing family who spoilt me rotten and made my day so special. (I know a few of them will be reading this) I was truly touched my the thought and effort that had gone into making my birthday amazing and for that, I couldn't be more grateful. I love you all! *virtual hugs and kisses* 

Lots of Love,

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