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Napoleon Perdis - Santorini Sunset
MAC Lipglass - Florabundance
MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss - Candy Pink
Revlon Colorburst - Strawberry Fraise
Sleek Pout Polish - Powder Pink

Hey Ladies. I hope you are all well. I have decided to do a mini series on my blog that will be my 'top five' of a certain product. This will range from lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush and potentially even perfumes, items of clothing and so on. I decided my first 'top five' would be lip glosses as they aren't something I have discussed an awful lot since starting my blog. I'm very much a lipgloss kind of girl and I love nothing more than popping a gloss over my favourite lipstick. As much as I like a matte lip from time to time, I typically wear a glossy lip on a day to day basis. The selection I have photographed above are the ones I reach for and enjoy using the most when doing my makeup. As you can see, there is a selection of brands from drugstore to high-end so there should be something to suit everyone. I thought I would go through each one and tell you why I love it and the reasons it has made it into my top five. So without further ado ...

Napoleon Perdis - Santorini Sunset - I got this lipgloss for my birthday around four weeks ago and it has instantly become a favourite. If you read my blog regularly, you will know I'm a bit of an orange lip kind of girl so this lipgloss looks amazing over some of my favourite lipsticks including MAC Morange and Topshop Infrared. It also looks completely amazing on its own too which is another reason why I love it so much. As you can see in the swatch above, it is very pigmented and ideal for sticking on if I don't have time to apply a lipstick as well. Another thing I love about this product is how it feels on the lips as unlike lots of other glosses I have tried, this is not sticky in the slightest. Overall, I would go as far as saying this is the nicest lipgloss I have ever used and my number one favourite. Unfortunately, Napoleon is an Australian brand so it isn't readily available in the UK but they do ship to the UK from their website here.

MAC Lipglass - Florabundance  - Of coure I had to pop a MAC product into my top five as like most people, I am a huge fan of the brand and their lip products. I only own a couple of lip glosses from MAC as I do find them slightly on the sticky side but this particular shade is one I have repurchased over and over again. Florabundance is the perfect nude/peach and would suit absolutely anyone. As I'm more of a bright lips girl, this is one of the only pale lip glosses I own but that means I can wear this over almost any lipstick and it works. I sometimes like to wear this over a bright lipstick during the day to dilute the colour slightly and it works amazingly. I do wish this was less sticky but I can look past that as the colour is perfect and it lasts a long time on the lips.

MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss - Candy Pink - I bought this lipgloss after seeing it pop up all over my blogger home page earlier this year. Once again, I gave in to blogger hype and had to have. It is a plumping lip gloss meaning that when applied it makes the lips tingle slightly. I have noticed that my lips do look more full when I wear this and again this looks great over my favourite pink lipsticks or on its own. The formula is very creamy, highly pigmented and not at all sticky. The best part about this product is of course the price. As with all MUA products, this was an absolute bargain. It only cost me £2.00 and has lasted such a long time. Just look how big that tube is. BARGAIN alert.

Revlon Colorburst - Strawberry Fraise - I bought this a couple of months ago and as soon as I applied it, I fell in love. As well as loving an orange lip, my other favourite shade to wear is a fuchsia pink. This gloss is the perfect accompaniment to any of my pink lipsticks and it also looks amazing on its own. As you can see above, this is super pigmented and leaves my lips feeling glossy, not sticky. The gloss itself has lots of fine blue/purple glitter running through it meaning it catches the light excellently and dazzles beautifully. The blue under tones also helps to make my teeth look nice and bright which is always a nice bonus. As well as loving the actual product,this is my favourite packaging of all the glosses I have included. I love the quilted lid, it's very Chanel-esque. Ooh.

Sleek Pout Polish - Powder Pink - Now some of you might be thinking 'that isn't a lipgloss, it's a lip balm' but for me this is 100% a gloss. When I first bought this product, I didn't really know what to expect from it as the name 'pout polish' slightly confused me. However, when I applied this product I realised that although it looks like a balm, it is in fact a very shiny and pretty pink gloss. The reason this has made my top five is because the shine it produces is amazing. When applied to the lips, it feels smooth, silky and most importantly - glossy! It isn't sticky and I love how handy it is to pop in my bag and dab on whenever I need a top up. It is probably the most easy to wear and natural looking of all these glosses so if you love the 'my lips but better' look, you should definitely check these out. The peach pout polish is next on my list.

So there we have it. Just a quick post to showcase my top five lip glosses. I hope you have enjoyed this and if there are any other 'top five' posts you would like me to do, please let me know in the comments below. What are your favourite lip glosses? Do you own any of my faves?

Lots of Love,

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