Yes to Carrots Nourishing Exfoliating Cleanser

Hi Ladies. I have to be honest, I am pretty lazy when it comes  to skincare. I was always a face wipes and cheap moisturiser kind of girl up until recent times when I realised how important it is to have a good skincare routine from a young age. Now as much as I hate having to faff around applying various products to my face every day, I realise it will benefit me in the long run and I am constantly on the look out for new products to try. The first 'proper' skin range I bought was from Liz Earle. The kit I bought included the infamous Cleanse & Polish but it just didn't agree with my skin so I quickly moved on to a range by Clarins. However, when I recently ran out of Clarins, I needed to find a quick and cheap replacement. This is when the 'Yes to Carrots' cleanser wormed its way into my shopping basket. I was shopping in a local supermarket when I spotted this range and the unusual name and bright packaging instantly intrigued me. If you know me, you will know I am a total sucker for packaging and I will often buy a product just because it looks pretty. As I was looking for a new cleanser anyway, I decided this would do until I got my hands on more of my beloved Clarins. It only cost around the £9.00 mark so I figured even if it was rubbish, I wouldn't have wasted too much money.
Before using the product, I decided to do a bit of research and find out more about the 'Yes to' range. At first glance, it seemed that this range was full of natural ingredients which is something I tend to look for in skincare products. Just for reference, my skin is fairly sensitive meaning that any products with chemical overload will cause my skin to react. I discovered that the Yes to brand is a company that pride themselves in producing natural skin and hair care products that are packed full of natural fruits and veggies. They currently have three other lines to accompany the Yes to Carrots range including Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Blueberries. Each of the different fruit or veggies have a specific aim for the skin. Carrots is for nourishing, Cucumbers for soothing, Tomatoes for clear skin and Blueberries for anti-ageing. I personally love this concept as there is something for everybody depending on your personal skincare needs. As well as using natural ingredients, the whole range is paraben free which is just another added bonus. As the Carrots range is for 'Nourishing', it contains almond oil and Shea Butter that help with hydrating the skin. I was slightly concerned when I first discovered this as my skin can get oily so the idea of adding oil and butter to my face seemed like a bad idea.
However, after using this product for a good few weeks now, I have to say, I'm impressed. The cleanser itself it a thick white cream with small bamboo exfoliating particles so you are essentially giving your skin a cleanse and exfoliate at once. I quite liked this concept as anything that will save me time or cut a step out of a laborious skincare routine is a winner for me. A small amount goes a long way and it lathers up nicely. I have been using a pea-sized amount, rubbing it in my hands, applying it to my face in circular motions and then allowing it to sink into my skin for a few minutes. I have found that this removes all of my makeup with ease and the small bamboo particles are very gentle but still give a nice exfoliation, removing any dead skin or dry patches. The smell is slightly strange but it is something I can deal with as it isn't a strong or offensive scent. After using this product, my skin feels soft, smooth and moisturised which could be down to the Shea Butter. A lot of the time, skin can feel tight after using a cleanser but this product doesn't leave that uncomfortable feeling at all which is a big thumbs up for me. I also suffer with red patches on my skin and since using this cleanser they have dramatically reduced and I have been left with radiant, glowy skin instead. 
Overall, I would really recommend this cleanser if you are looking for something cheap and cheerful that won't cause havoc with your skin. It is recommended for people with normal to dry skin on the Yes to website but I have combination skin and it has worked well for me. I would perhaps stay away from this if you have very oily skin and try one of the other lines instead. I think I will be trying 'Yes to Tomatoes' next as it is specifically designed for combination skin types. I bought this product in Australia but it is widely available and can be purchased from numerous UK/US websites. This particular product is currently on sale for £7.19 on the Beauty Bay website along with more of the 'Yes to' range and they also offer free worldwide delivery so what better time to snap these products up.

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