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Hi Ladies! After going out on Saturday night and wearing this lipstick it dawned on me that I have never reviewed it on my blog. I instantly thought I must review it as this is one of my all time favourites, if not my absolute favourite lipstick. If you read my blog regularly you will know by now that I am obsessed with berry lipsticks and own an abundance of them. Well, I have to say - GAT (I will refer to it as GAT throughout this post - Lazy haha!) is the perfect berry shade and particularly beautiful for the Autumn/Winter months. 

I have owned this lipstick for over a year now and it is always top of my list when it comes to a night out. As you can see from my little collage above, I wear it on a regular basis and never get bored of it. It has been worn for all sorts of occasions and although it is a bright shade, I find the deeper pink shade with purple undertones makes it much more classy than your standard fuchsia. As with all MAC lipsticks, the quality of this lipstick is absolutely stunning. It is highly pigmented, creamy and feels moisturising on my lips. GAT is one of MAC's 'amplified' formula lipsticks which are a personal favourite of mine. I find them to be the most pigmented of all their lipsticks yet not drying in the slightest which is often a down fall of super pigmented lip products. I also find that this shade is very long wearing and even when it does start to wear off, it leaves a nice stain on the lips instead of a smudgy mess.

Of course the only down fall of this product is the price. MAC lipsticks now retail for 14.00 which has slowly crept up since I bought this for £12.50 around a year ago. However, although it is expensive, I would 100% repurchase it over and over again. As I said, I have owned this for over a year now and still have plenty left. As it is so highly pigmented, I find a little goes a long way and one swipe over my lips is all I need for an opaque, bold lip. With that in mind, I do believe the price is completely justified.

Whats your fave MAC lipstick? I'd love to hear your suggestions as I almost have 6 empties for Back to MAC so will be going to pick a new one up soon. Have you tried GAT?

Lots of Love,

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