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Hey Ladies! If you read my haul post here, you will know that I recently received the Caudalie Cleansing Water as a gift from my boyfriend. If you read blogs regularly, I am sure you will of all heard of cleansing water by now as every man and his dog seems to be raving about it. I think it all began with Bioderma which is a cult favourite among beauty lovers. I have never tried it myself as it is quite hard to get hold of but I was intrigued by the sound of a cleansing water and the micellar particles it contains. If you don't know what 'micellar' means then you should google it as science and I do not work well together. In simple terms though, a cleansing water contains small 'micellar' particles that help to remove any dirt and grime from our skin.

When it came to deciding which cleansing water I wanted to try, I instantly thought of Caudalie. Much like Bioderma, Caudalie has been so hyped due to its infamous 'beauty elixir' that I just had to give it a go. After reading a few reviews online and doing a bit more research on how cleansing waters worked, it instantly appealed to me.

Basically, a cleansing water is for people like me who are a tad lazy when it comes to skincare and want a quick method of removing makeup at the end of the day. I realise I should be thoroughly cleansing every day but when tiredness kicks in, the last thing I want to do is stand over a sink for ten minutes splashing my face with water and getting my hair wet. As I find cleansing before bed so inconvenient, I loved the sound of a cleanser I could pop on to a cotton pad, wipe over my face and wallah, my make up is gone.

When my boyfriend ordered this for me from Feel Unique I told him to order the 100ml instead of the 200 incase I didn't like it but now I am totally regretting it. Since receiving it a few weeks ago, I have been using it morning and night to remove my makeup. I pop a few drops on to a cotton pad and sweep it over my whole face. After using it for the first time, I was amazed by how lovely it smells. Like all Caudalie products, this cleanser has an evident grape scent. I have read a lot of negative reviews saying the scent is strong, overpowering or off putting but I personally love it and think it smells fresh and clean.

I also loved how easily it removed my makeup and how refreshing it felt on my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin so it often reacts to new skincare products but this left my skin feeling fresh, soft and clean with no irritation what so ever. Admittedly, I had to use two cotton pads to thoroughly remove all of my makeup but I didn't mind as the whole process was so quick and easy. It completely removes stubborn eye makeup, leaves no oily residue and my skin  is left feeling hydrated instead of tight like a lot of cleansers can make it feel.

Overall, I am in love with this cleanser. Its my new go-to skincare product and I will most definitely be repurchasing it when this bottle comes to an end. It takes no effort at all to remove all of my makeup and I love the fact I can now sit in my warm bed removing my makeup instead of over the bathroom sink for ten minutes. Of course I still use regular cream or foam cleansers most mornings in the shower but for night time use, this is the perfect lazy girl product. I have even found myself using it in a morning before applying my makeup as it gives my skin an instant boost and makes me look more awake. If you haven't tried this product before, I 100% recommend you give it a try if you want a quick method of removing makeup, dirt and grime from your skin.

I got mine from the Feel Unique website here and it is available in 100 or 200ml bottles. It normally costs £9.00 for 100ml and £15.00 for 200ml but they are currently having a sale with 19% off. I just might have to stock up. 

What do you think of cleansing waters? Have you tried the Caudalie one?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

Lots of Love,

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