The Cutest Brush EVER? Japonesque Safari Chic

Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer Brush available at HQ Hair - Link

Hi Ladies! I hope you are all well and have exciting weekend plans. I'm off out tonight with my friend Camille so I am very excited about that. One thing I will be using whilst I'm getting ready tonight is this amazingly cute bronzer brush from Japonesque. Now being a lover of kabuki brushes anyway (I've tried LOADS!), the fact that this one has animal 'safari' style hairs makes it all the more appealing. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a cuter makeup brush than this?

Anyway, now I've gushed over the outer appearance of this brush, I'll get on to talking about the brush itself. Japonesque isn't a brand I had ever tried before but I'd always heard great things about their brushes on twitter and other blogs. So when they tweeted asking bloggers if they would like the opportunity to try their new collection, I jumped at the chance. The whole collection includes the bronzer brush I was sent and a three piece set that includes a powder, shadow and crease brush. Now obviously I can't judge the other three brushes but the kabuki has to be the softest brush I have ever felt in my life. When I first took it out of it's little box I just couldn't stop touching it. (Okay, I sound like a creep!)

As well as being exceptionally soft, it is very dense and picks up product with ease. As it is a kabuki brush it is best used for application of powder and mineral products so I have been using it almost every day to apply bronzer to my cheeks and t-zone. The hairs are synthetic and I haven't experienced any shedding since I began using it a couple of weeks ago. They are also cruelty-free and not tested on animals which is an even bigger bonus.

Now moving on to the bad part, boo! This brush costs a whopping £19.50 which in my opinion is a lot of money to spend on a brush. However, what I will say is that kabuki brushes do tend to cost a lot more than any other brush. I'm guessing it's because they have more hairs? Hmmm. Anyway, although it is expensive it's still much cheaper than the likes of a MAC kabuki which makes it seem more acceptable (any excuse!). If you aren't willing to splash the cash out on a treat for yourself, I would 100% recommend popping these brushes on your christmas list or buying them as a gift for your mum, sister, friend or whoever would appreciate it. I certainly know I'd love to receive the three-piece set as a christmas gift. Hint, Hint haha!

Overall I absolutely adore this brush and it adds a little bit of wow factor to my otherwise plain makeup brushes. As much as I love the brushes I currently use, this has been a joy to grab from my makeup bag every morning. I mean who doesn't love a bit of animal print from time to time? As Japonesque would say 'explore your wild side!'.

Have you tried Japonesque brushes or their Safari Chic collection?

Lots of Love,

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