My Top Five A/W Nail Polishes & Some Good News, YEY!

Hi Ladies! I hope you are all well. How cold has it been all week? I am actually freezing and have resorted to sticking the heating on for the first time in months, NOOO! It even started snowing here in Newcastle last night, not impressed. Anyway, other than the temperatures getting hideously low I'm having a super duper week. On Monday I got a lovely phone call informing me that I've landed myself a job, yey! I'm going to be working at a company in Newcastle doing Research and Marketing and so far its going really well. I've only done three days so far but the people are all really friendly and it's a nice laid back work environment which is always a bonus. I'm feeling so relieved to have a job again as since I got back from Australia last month my days have been spent sending application after application to various companies and I have been nothing but stressed about my lack of money and finding a job. It was an awful feeling when I received those 'sorry you have been unsuccessful' emails but now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally get back into the swing of things. I'm already looking forward to treating myself when pay day comes around and I'm sure there will be more 'hauls' coming your way in the near future.
So now your updated with my life (you probably don't even care ha), I will get back to the main focus of this blog post.

I thought I would share with you my top nail polishes for the Autumn and Winter months as I always tend to go for certain shades when the cold weather arrives. In Summer I was all about the brights and neons but I find metallics and darker shades are more appropriate for the winter months. Does anyone else find they change their makeup/nails to fit with the seasons? Maybe its just me but it's always a good excuse to go and buy some new makeup and nail polishes I say ;). I've picked my top five 'wintery' shades that I tend to reach for the most and want to share with you why I love them so much, yey!

H&M - Wawawoon

I bought this nail polish whilst browsing in H&M last winter and at this point I didn't even realise they sold nail polishes. After having a browse I decided to pick one up as they were very reasonably priced at only £1.99 each. I opted for the shade 'Wawawoom' as I'm a sucker for anything gold and metallic. Metallics are always a big trend at this time of the year and I have to say, I love them. Theres nothing nicer than super shiny metallic nails. If you want to try a couple without breaking the bank, get yourselves down to H&M to try these beauties.

Rimmel Pro - Desire

This nail polish is beautiful, that's the only way I can describe it. The shade is a lovely mix of berry red and purple and this is one I reach for a LOT in winter. As well as loving the high shine finish, the brush is absolutely amazing. I'm not usually one to get excited over nail polish brushes but this one is really thick and with only two swipes of my nails I have perfect even coverage. I don't see this particular range of polishes featured on many blogs but I urge you all to give them a go as the quality and application is second to none. 

Barry M - Grey

Good old Barry M, who doesn't love their nail polishes? I have a LOT of these nail polishes but 'Grey' is one I only tend to wear when A/W comes around. Although the name is slightly dull and boring, the polish itself is really lovely. Theres something about the colour grey that I associate with the cold weather so this nail polish is perfect for this time of the year.

Topshop - Grunge

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, I love Topshop nail polishes. My collection of them is growing by the minute as the application and colour range is fabulous. I particularly love this one I picked up last winter from a limited edition range as the shade is really unique. Its another metallic polish with hints of green and gold that changes colour when it hits the light. Multi-tone and metallic? Winner.

Barry M - Mushroom

Okay so this has to be up there with my ultimate nail polishes. Barry M 'Mushroom' is the most perfect nude nail polish I have ever come across. Not only does it look amazing all year round but it makes me feel very classy and ladylike every time I wear it. I love it so much in fact that I dedicated a blog post to it here and have included it in my 2000 followers giveaway here. If you don't have this polish in your collection, go get it, NOW!

So there we have it guys, my top nail polish picks for the Autumn and Winter months. As you can see none of them are really expensive with most of them being less than £5.00. I don't really own many high-end nail polishes as there are so many nice ones of the high-street. 

 I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and enjoy your Saturday night.

What are your favourite shades to wear this time of year?

Lots of Love,

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