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Topshop Crescent Moon Highlighter - £10 - Link.

Hi Ladies! If you read my blog regularly you will probably know that I am a huge fan of Topshop and their lipsticks. I currently have six and love everything about them from the packaging to the formula. However, other than the nail polishes, I've never branched out and tried any of the other products Topshop have to offer. I've always loved the look of their cream blushes and 'Sunbeam' highlighter but being the lipstick addict that I am, I usually opt for a new lippie whenever I am browing the makeup stand.

With this being said, when I found myself with a £10 Topshop voucher a couple of weeks ago I thought it was the perfect opportunity to treat myself to something other than a lipstick. Lets face it, I think I have enough to last me a life time now. 
So as I was browsing the makeup stands I was contemplating buying something from the new Louse Grey collection but then I spotted this shimmery pot of prettiness and instantly had to get my mitts on it. At first glance it looked absolutely beautiful and it wasn't a product I'd seen in Topshop on my previous visits. After a bit of swatching (as you do) I instantly fell in love with this highlighter named 'Crescent Moon'. I'm pretty sure it's part of their new collection as other than 'Sunbeam', I wasn't aware Topshop had released any other highlighters.

I've always been a big fan of highlighters as they are perfect for adding a glow to my skin and enhancing my best features. I've been meaning to repurchase MAC's 'Soft and Gentle'  Skinfinish for a while now but due to its hefty price tag and my measly bank balance, I just can't justify it. So when I spotted 'Crescent Moon' and discovered that its actually very similar to my beloved S&G, I just couldn't resist the bargain. The dome shaped powder is a beautiful peach shade with subtle pink undertones and it is perfect for my skin tone. I also love that it has an iridescent/metallic finish instead of adding unflattering chunks of shimmer. I find  it adds a lovely dimension to my otherwise matte foundation, bronzer and powder. I attempted to take some photos of myself wearing it but it wasn't easy trying to get a flattering photo of my cheek so I've had to show the effect this product gives swatched on my hand instead. Sorry about that guys, I know its always better to see it on my actual face.

Before I bring this post to an end I'd also like to point out that I absolutely adore the packaging too. As with all Topshop makeup it has a black and white theme but instead of the usual stripes and spots, this has cute little stars. AmazingFor £10, I can't recommed this product enough. I think it would work well with any skin tone and as I only need a light dab on my brush each time I use it, it will last me a very long time. I image it will sell out pretty fast so if you want it I'd be quick! Go, go, go!

Do you use a highlighter? Whats your favourite?

Lots of Love,

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