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Hey beauties! I'd just like to start this post by saying thank you so much for your amazing comments on my '1st year of blogging' post and for all of your lovely tweets. It really made my day to see how much support I have gained in the space of a year, it really is incredible. Also, I reached 2500 GFC followers tonight which is a massive achievement so again, thank you so much. I am completely overjoyed.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweeting about an exciting new 'blogging tool' I've recently been introduced to and a few of you were intregued as to what I was talking about. Well, a little while ago I was emailed by a company called 'Beauty Sets' who informed me of their amazing new website where bloggers can create magazine style collages including wish lists, tutorials, favourites and so on with the click of a few buttons. After playing around on the website last night I came up with a 'wishlist' collage and absolutely adore how it turned out. Not only was it so easy to do but I also love how professional it looks. It enabled me to let my creative juices flow whilst picking my design and I have a feeling I will be using this website a LOT in the future. 

If you love this concept as much as I do, I urge you all to pop over and check out their website. It's one of the best I've discovered in ages and I'm totally thrilled I can now create blog posts that look as though they've been taken from the pages of a magazine. SO COOL! After all, we all want our posts to be easy on the eye right?! 
So without me blabbering on like an excitable child for much longer, here is my first ever Beauty Set wish list of the things I am currently craving. Whens pay day again?

Real Techniques Starter Set

Ever since Real Techniques brushes came onto the beauty scene, I've been utterly addicted to them. Since buying the 'core collection' earlier this year I have used the buffing brush every single day to apply my liquid foundation. I also use the contour and powder brush daily too. My most recent purchase was the blush brush which again, I'm in love with. I love them so much in fact that I 100% need to get my hands on the 'starter' set which includes a combination of eye brushes. To be honest, I probably don't need it but I feel my RT collection is incomplete without it. First world problems 8).

Stile in the Light Palette

After hearing two of my all time favourite beauty bloggers, Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter raving about this palette, I have wanted and needed it in my life. I keep trying to tell myself 'you do not need another eyeshadow palette' but this one is just too gorgeous to miss out on. It contains ten beautiful, pigmented shades which are all versatile, easy to wear colours. I can definitely see this becoming my 'go-to' palette for the festive seasons. If you want to read Zoe's post which includes some amazing swatches, you can find it here. Be warned though - you will want it after reading her post!

OPI Nail Envy

Okay so my natural nails are poopy. Not only are they short and unattractive to look at but they are also extremely weak after years of wearing acrylics. With this being said, I need to get my butt into gear and start taking care of my nails. With Christmas just around the corner I would love for my natural nails to be in a somewhat nice condition ready for the part season. I've heard a lot of other blogger raving about this polish and claiming its a miracle worker for short and brittle nails like mine. Now I'm not expecting this to work miracles over night but I am hoping to achieve healthy, strong nails. If its worked for you, let me know in the comment below.

YSL Shocking Mascara

So I sound totally stalkerish right now but this is yet another product I'd love to get my mitts on after hearing Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) declare her love for it. I must admit, I've never been one to spend a lot of money on mascaras but the beautiful gold packaging of this one makes it an exception. I also believe mascara can make the biggest difference to the overall appearance of my makeup so it would be nice to try a 'high-end' one to see if it makes any difference to my lashes. I don't think I'd buy this myself purely because I don't have enough money at the moment *sob*, but I'm definitely popping it on my Christmas list. If you want to see it in action you can read Louise's review here.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

After taking to Twitter to ask you lovely ladies what your favourite foundation for combination skin is, a lot of you said this one by NARS. I always thought with a name like 'Sheer Glow' it was targeted at people with dry skin but apparently it works well on oily/combination skin types too. I was very pleased to hear this as I'm a huge fan of NARS products and I'm sure this one will be no exception. I think I'll be popping to my local SPACE NK to pick up a sample before I buy it though.

Moroccan Oil

Although I've tried and own other hair oils, something inside me tells me I need to own this. I mean its the original, classic and supposedly 'best' hair oil around. I was even more convinced after my friend Debra who's training to be a hairdresser told me I NEED it as well. The only down side is the price is but I'm sure like most hair oils, it would last me a long, long time.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray

To be honest, I don't need this product but I would love to try it. Firstly, who wouldn't want to own something from a brand called Bumble & Bumble? Hello, coolest name ever. On a more serious note though, I've read a few reviews that claim this product is amazing for giving hair volume and body. As a girl who loves the 'big hair' look, it sounds right up my street. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have enjoyed discovering a fabulous new website as much as I did. Let me know if you create your own beauty set as I'd love to see what you come up with. You can find the website here.

Whats on your wish-list at the moment?

Lots of Love,

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