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Wearing the extensions - (I need some colour on those roots ASAP!)

Hi Ladies! As you may or may not be aware - I am a huge fan of hair extensions. My love for them began way back when I was fifteen and in high school. I remember my friend and I getting our first pack of extensions from a shop in Preston and we were so excited to put them in and have the long hair we'd always dreamed of 8). As soon as I glued them in (yes glued - bad idea!), I fell in love. When I was younger my hair never grew past my shoulders so extensions were the perfect solution.

As I've got older my hair has got a lot longer but I still adore wearing extensions to give me extra volume. I don't wear them every day anymore as I think my hair looks fine without them but for a night out they are a massive must have. I've tried my fair share of extensions in the past, even splashing out £250 for Semi-permanent Micro Rings (read my review here) but no matter what, I have always been drawn back to clip-ins due to the fact they are so easy to use. All I need to do is section my hair, clip them in, give them a quick once over with my GHD's and I am good to go. With this being said, you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover I'd won Clip Hair's twitter comp to win a pack of their extensions. I entered on a whim after seeing someone else's retweet so the fact I won came as a huge surprise to me.

Now I'm going to be honest, I hadn't heard of Clip Hair before I entered their competition. As I said, I entered on a whim and I can officially say, I am so glad I did. Not only are these the nicest extensions I have ever owned in terms of quality and comfort but they are also the most natural looking. Even my mum said she couldn't tell I was wearing them and let me tell you now, she HATES me wearing hair extensions. My mum and Nanna have always preferred my natural hair but as I love a bit of glamour in my life, I've always opted for extensions regardless of them telling me not to. I'm wearing them in the photos above and as you can see they blend into my real hair perfectly. They are also super duper shiny, silky and soft - I can't stop touching my hair each time I wear them. I've worn them quite a few times now and they still look as good as new which is quite a rare occurrence compared to lots of extensions that go coarse and frizzy as soon as heat is applied to them.

Now I'm sure a few of you who have read my blog for a while might by thinking 'does she like them more than Foxy Locks' which I reviewed here and the answer to that would be YES, yes I do! Don't get me wrong I still rate Foxy Locks and would recommend them but since buying them by hair has been dyed darker so they don't match anymore. I think the colour range from foxy Locks is poor and as someone who has a few different colours going through my hair, a one-tone blonde shade isn't going to cut it. I mean there isn't anything worse than seeing girls wear lighter extensions than their natural hair - it looks cheap, fake and tacky.  Fortunately, Clip Hair have a huge array of shades including my perfect shade 22/613 which is a mix between Ash and Bleach Blonde.

I was sent the 'Deluxe/Volume' set as my natural hair, as you can see above, is fairly thick. This particular set comes with 8 double-wefted pieces in various sizes. It only took a couple of minutes to clip them in and I love how they much volume and body they created. I quickly curled the ends with my straighteners so they blended in perfectly and my natural hair was undetectable. They didn't give me an awful lot of length but as my hair is long anyway, that wasn't an issue. Mine are 20 inches for reference but they offer a wide range of lengths on their website from 10-26 inches so there really is something for everybody. Again, another win over Foxy Locks who only offer 20 inches. Yes that's great for people like me with long hair but not practical for someone with much shorter hair.

The Deluxe set of extensions I was sent costs £69.99 which I personally think is very reasonable for a set of good quality, thick extensions. However, if you don't have thick hair, a standard 20inch set only costs £54.99. Obviously prices will vary depending on the length you choose but overall they are very good value for money. They also offer clip on fringes, ponytails and wavy sets for you curly-haired girls. There really is a colour, length and style for everybody. I could go on and on and on about how their fabulous website, that's how impressed I am but I think that's enough rambling from me for now. 

You can go and judge the website for yourself by clicking here.

Are you a fan of hair extensions? What do you think of these ones?

Lots of Love,

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