What I Got For Christmas 2012

Hi Ladies! I hope you are all well and have had a few fabulous and festive days. I'm still well and truly in party mode as my boyfriend and I are going to a family party at my Nannas house tonight for a buffet and drinks, yey!

Before I get my party gear on I wanted to write my 'What I Got For Christmas' post. Now as with anyone who writes these posts - I have a little disclaimer for you. Firstly, if you hate these type of posts as you feel they are 'bragging' or 'showing off', please don't read. Its your choice! I'd also like to state that I am in no way 'spolit' and the reason I was bought lots of presents is because my mum loves Christmas and its the one time of year she likes to really treat my sister and I and secondly, I have a huge family. My mum and Dad are seperated and re-married so I essentially receive gifts from four families instead of two. I also have a wonderful boyfriend and his family who buy for me too.

I am so grateful for everything I received and I always think of those less fortunate than myself at this time of year. With this being said, continue reading if you enjoy these kind of posts (I know I do, I'm so nosey!) and if you don't that's fine as well but please don't make a point of leaving any unnecessary comments. 

After that huge intro, here is what I got for Christmas ...

Michael Kors Watch
I loved absolutely everything I was lucky enough to receive this year but this has to be my favourite present of all. My lovely boyfriend and Dad put some money together to get me this as I've been wanting one for as long as I can remember. I could never afford a nice watch like this myself so to be treated to one at Christmas is just amazing. I chose the classic rose gold style and I adore it. It needs a few links removing as its too big for me but as soon as I get them removed, it will be permanently glued to my wrist!
Studded Bag - H&M
I chose this as a gift from my mum and step dad and it was a total bargain at only £29.99 from H&M. I love the whole studded trend at the moment and was after a new black bag. This one is perfect!
Black Ankle Boots - Topshop
I got these as a gift from my mum and step dad too and they are the perfect boots. I already have an almost identical pair in a taupe colour but as I love them so much I wanted a black pair that I could throw on with anything in my wardrobe. I also think boots like this can be worn all year around as I like to pair them with cute little dresses in the Spring/Summer time.
BHS Coat & Topshop Jumper
I also got these two items from my mum and step dad and really love them both. I chose the coast myself when my mum and I went shopping in Newcastle. Its from BHS of all places and was reduced in the sale to £40.00. It fits me like a glove and I really love the fur collar. The jumper was a surprise and my mum and she said she thought it was very 'me' when she spotted it in Topshop. She wasn't wrong - I love it.
Clutch Bags - Primark
Can you sense a studded theme amongst my Christmas gifts?! I got the black studded bag from my auntie along with a stunning MAC eyeshadow and the cream bag was from my mum in my stocking. I love them both and they will go with almost any outfit I wear.
Origins Products - Quick Hide Concealer, Gin Zing Eye Cream, Trio of Face Masks
I have been wanting to try Origins products for as long as I can remember so when Christmas came around it was the perfect time for me to give some of them a go. I chose the Gin Zing eye cream and Quick Hide concealer from my mum and step dad and the trio of face masks are from my Auntie. I've tried them already and have totally fallen in love with them. I will review them all soon.
Perfume - Juicy Couture, Miss Dior, MAC Turquatic
I'd have to say perfume is one of my favourite gifts to receive for my birthday or Christmas. Its just something I can never afford to buy myself so it makes for the perfect gift. I tend to try and make any perfumes I receive as gifts last me throughout the whole year until I can stock up again. The Juicy Couture perfume was from my mum and step dad, Miss Dior was from my Nanna and the MAC Turquatic was from my boyfriends mum. I love them all and if you haven't smelt them - go and give them a whiff! 
Makeup -
Stila in the Light Palette, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil Set, Real Techniques Starter Kit, Topshop 'Wicked' Lipstick, MAC 4 pan palette & eyeshadows, Korres Lip Butter, China Glaze 'Armour' Nail Polish & MAC 'Young Punk' Eyeshadow

As a beauty lover it was obvious I was going to get some new beauty goodies to blog about. I won't talk about these too much as I will be reviewing them all individually but I love them all and am so grateful. It will really help me keep my blog constantly updated with reviews, especially as I'm so poor after buying lots of Christmas pressies this year. These were gifts from my mum and step dad, my boyfriend and my boyfriends mum and dad. Thanks Guys!
Hair Products
Moroccan Oil, Mark Hill Gift Set, Andrew Barton Gift Set, Lee Stafford Gift Set, Big Sexy Hair Gift Set

I'm not going to go through who bought me all of these as I would be here all day but I'm very grateful to everyone who did. I love hair products and I think most of my family and friends know that any kind of haircare gift sets will be a winner for me. I love the fact I can try out little mini products before purchasing the full size. I also got the Moroccan Oil from my Nanna and I'm so excited to own it as I've read so many good reviews from other bloggers. I will definitely be reviewing it after I've used it for a while to let you know my thoughts.
Ted Baker Gift Set
This is a really luxurious gift set and I love it. It contains everything from body scrub to body butter and I can't wait to give myself a pamper using all of the products inside. I also love the packaging and I think I'm going to use it as storage for some of my skincare and body products. Whatever I decided to do with it, it will come in very handy!
St.Moriz Gift Set
My mum knows how much I love this stuff so she picked this set up to pop in my stocking. I was super excited to see that it came with the 'dark' tan and a bronzing gel for the face. I love the original version of the tan so I was intrigued by the dark version and I've been on the look out for a face tanner for ages now. I used both of the products last night and on first impressions, I love them both. I might review them in full soon if you'd be interested?
Bits & Bobs
A set of floral mugs, Jelly Belly lip balms, Refresher Mug, Socks, 'I heart Shopping' Keyring, Diary

Ah, aren't bits and bobs like this just the best? The selection I've photographed here are various things I received in my stocking except for the floral mugs that were a gift from my step dads mum. She thought they would be nice for my flat which they certainly will as I love the design on them, very Cath Kidston. I adore the Jelly Belly lip balms and I thought I could use the tin to store all of my lip balms in which will be cute. I also love the diary as I am constantly making notes and need somewhere I can jot important things down. It will also be great for blog ideas. The Refresher mug is awesome, I love printed mugs like this and the 'I heart Shopping' keyring is very me as I do love a good shop. I also got some new socks which are a winter essential to go under my boots.
Slipper Boots
These are from my boyfriends mum and she buys me a pair every year as she knows how much I love being cosy when I'm lazing around my flat. I love these grey knitted ones with cute bows and pom poms as they are so furry, warm and snuggly inside. I imagine these will be glued to my feet for the foreseeable future.
Sorry if this is a bit 'TMI' but I think these are so pretty that I just had to share. These were all gifts in my stocking and my mum picked them up from Matalan. They always have a lovely selection of underwear for very reasonable prices. I can't wait to feel lovely and feminine wearing these.
All of this jewellery except the ear cuff from River Island which I picked from my boyfriend, were stocking fillers from my mum. The majority of it is super cheap from Primark or Matalan but you would never know to look at it. They look a lot like pieces you would find at Topshop so I was very pleased with all of them. A girl can never have too much jewellery right?

Need I say more?

As you can see I was exceptionally lucky and as I said at the start of this post I am so grateful for everything I received and I feel truly blessed to have such a generous and wonderful family. I know Christmas isn't about presents but I'm sure you all love to receive them, even if you don't like to admit it. I certainly know I thoroughly enjoy exchanging gifts with my loved ones and I hope the people who I bought presents for loved theirs just as much.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got and that you all got everything you wished for.

Lots of Love,

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