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Hi Everyone! So if you read my 'New Years Resolutions' blog post, you will know that one of them is to start going to the gym. I'm always a bit wary of going to the gym but that is going to change if I want to get fit, healthy and toned. I'm sure the majority of people make a new years resolution to 'get fit' or 'use the gym' as January is the time when we all feel guilty for stuffing our faces a tad too much over the festive season. However, this time, I intend to stick to it. I'm feeling quite motivated to go this year and I think the reason for that is my new trainers. I know it sounds ridiculous but having something nice and comfortable to wear on my feet makes the whole process of going into a gym full of strangers that little bit less daunting.

A few months ago I made an attempt at going to the gym but as I didn't have a job at the time and couldn't afford any decent trainers, I always felt too self conscious to go in my tatty old shoes. I know its sad, but its a fact of life, everyone wants to fit in and the gym is one of those places we are at our most vulnerable wearing no makeup, sweating and being 'on show' to the other gym-goers. Maybe its just me and my self-concious ways but I personally felt uncomfortable.

 With this being said, I decided I needed to get some new gym wear so I would feel comfortable and confident going to the gym. I bought a pair of nike pants, a couple of vest tops with built in support (always a good idea girls) and then some Reebok 'tone up' trainers. Now my plan was to go to the gym in my new gear three times a week and finally be happy with my body. However, plans changed and I ended up going to Australia for five months. I decided to take my gym gear with me and work out while I was there but after two or three attempts over there, I decided I would rather spend quality time with my family who I don't see very often instead of being stuck in a gym. When it came to the end of my time in Australia, I packed and was convinced I hadn't forgot anything. However, what had I left behind? Only my brand new £65.00 bloomin trainers. I didn't expect my dad to post them over as shipping would cost a fortune so I set about looking for a new pair. 

I'd always had my eye on trainers with a colourful sole. I have no idea why, maybe its the 'girly girl' inside me but I always thought they looked great when I saw other people wearing them. So as you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted by XLS Medical asking me if I'd like to try these Nike 'Dual Fusion' trainers. I immediately said yes as they were exactly what I'd been looking for. Not only were they a great brand but they had pink soles, yipee! When they arrived for me in the post I was overjoyed at how lovely they are and I cannot wait to start wearing them to the gym this year. Paired with my black nike pants and a vest I think they will look great. I'm hoping they will also give me the confidence to finally go to the gym regularly and not care what anyone else thinks. After all, everyone in a gym are there for the same reasons - to get fit and healthy!

If you like the look of these trainers, they are available for £52.00 in the Debenhams sale here.

Do you go to a gym? Do you ever feel uncomfortable?

Lots of Love,

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