My Summer Beauty Favourites

Summer Beauty Favourites, Summer Beauty Products, UK Beauty Blog, Beauty Blog Favourites, Couture Girl Blogspot, Summer Beauty, Summer Beauty Essentials,
Summer Beauty Favourites, Summer Beauty Products, UK Beauty Blog, Beauty Blog Favourites, Couture Girl Blogspot, Summer Beauty, Summer Beauty Essentials,
Summer Beauty Favourites, Summer Beauty Products, UK Beauty Blog, Beauty Blog Favourites, Couture Girl Blogspot, Summer Beauty, Summer Beauty Essentials,

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a great weekend and enjoying the sunshine. I've been shopping for some holiday essentials today so expect a post all about the things I've been buying very soon. I recently wrote a guest post over on Sabrina's blog but I want to share it on my own blog too, just incase you missed it over there. Instead of doing a normal 'favourites' post this month, I thought I'd share my Summer Beauty favourites instead as these are the products I've been using a lot lately or am likely to start using over the next few weeks and on my holiday.

I don't know about you but whenever the seasons change, the products I use change too. I really like natural dewy skin, messy beach hair and a golden bronze tan throughout the warmer months with a pop of colour here and there to brighten things up. With that being said, here are the products I'll be using this Summer ...

The Body Shop Body Butters (Strawberry & Mango)
I'm sure you've all heard of these lovely body butters as they're one of The Body Shops most popular products and I can definitely see why. The two scents I use are Strawberry and Mango and they smell incredible - perfect fruity scents for the Summer months. I find them incredibly moisturising too and they sink into the skin so effortlessly. If you like using tan in the summer (which I'll talk about next), then you must try one of these body butters as it makes the application process much smoother and streak-free.

St.Tropez Tanning Lotion
Lets face it, when the weather gets warmer, clothes get smaller. Whether its strappy dresses, denim shorts or bikinis, we're usually flashing a lot more flesh in the Summer months. I don't know about you but having a tan makes me feel much more confident to show to some skin so I'll always have a bottle of fake tan to hand during the summer months. This one from St.Tropez is great for providing a natural olive glow without looking orange or over the top. I usually apply it with a tanning mitt just before bed and leave it to work its magic overnight. I go to bed looking like casper the friendly ghost and wake up looking like I've been soaking up the sun on holiday. Yippee!

Clarins BB Cream*
As I said earlier, I really like natural dewy skin in the Summer as the thought of wearing a thick and heavy foundation on warm days just isn't appealing. I usually opt for foundations with light coverage or BB Creams which are just perfect when you're after a light, natural and effortless base. This new release from Clarins which I was kindly sent from Escentual is fabulous as it isn't as thin as other BB creams I've tried. Its more comparable to a lightweight foundation which is great as it still gives me a good medium coverage without feeling heavy. I find it gives my skin a lovely radiant and natural glow too. The only problem I have with it is the shade - 01 (the lightest shade) is still too dark for my skin. However, I'm hoping when I get a bit of a tan that it will work for me as the formula is beautiful!

Nourish Cooling Toning Mist*
If you're prone to getting a bit hot and flustered when the weather warms up, this product will be a life-saver for you. As the name states, it cools and tones the skin and can be spritzed on bare skin or over makeup. I've been using it on bare skin and it instantly refreshes and brightens my whole face. I imagine it will be perfect for those humid days when I need to cool down or refresh my makeup. It will be coming on holiday with me too as a poolside face refresher!

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
One thing lots of girls desire to have, especially in Summer time, is beach hair. Natural tousled waves that look effortless, a little bit messy but still chic. Well, with the help of Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, beach babe hair is easy to achieve. Spritz this spray over damp hair, allow your hair to dry and ta-da, perfect beach waves. I tend to go for the 'messy' hair look a lot more during the Summer months, particularly when I'm on holiday as humidity and hair straighteners are a no-no. Products like this are great for adding style to your hair without any any heat or effort.

Topshop 'Infrared' Lipstick
I'm a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks and Infrared is my all time favourite. I find it the perfect summer lip shade - a bright, vibrant orange that looks great with a tan. Its really moisturising too, bonus!

Bourjois 'Healthy Glow' Cream Blush
Bourjois recently released a range of four cream to powder blushes which are absolutely fabulous. As I said earlier, dewy and 'fresh' looking skin is something I always strive for in Summer. I don't like the idea of wearing lots of powders on my face when the weather is warm so cream blushes are great to pair with a light foundation or BB Cream. Although these Bourjois ones have a cream to powder formula, I find them somewhere in between as they aren't too shiny or too matte - just right. My favourite shade from the range is Healthy Glow, a perfect peach. Can you tell I've got a thing for peach/coral/orange shades yet?

Models Own 'Hedonist' Nail Polish
From the Models Own's Hed Kandi range, Hedonist is Summer nails in a bottle. Much like the Topshop Infrared lipstick, its a bright (neon!) orange shade which in my opinion is the ultimate Summer colour, does anyone else agree? I love wearing this on my toe nails with tan sandals or wedges.

Origins A Perfet World SP5  25 Moisturiser
Until recently, I never considered wearing SPF apart from when I'm laying on a sun lounger on holiday. However, after going for a 'skin scan' recently that showed me what was going on underneath the top layer of my skin, I discovered I had quite a bit of sun damage. This really spurred me on to start using a moisturiser with SPF in it so I splurged on Origins A Perfect World moisturiser. It contains antioxidant white tea and SPF 25 to protect the skin from UV rays and prevent premature line and wrinkles. Its nice and light too and sinks in really easily making it the perfect choice for the summer months.

So there we have it, my top products for Summer! What are your favourite Summer beauty products?

Lots of Love,

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