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Hi everyone! I'm going to T in the Park festival tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited so I thought I'd show you some of the things I've been buying/been bought (some of them were presents) in the lead up to the festival. I've never bee to a festival before so I'm not a hundred percent sure what people wear but here are the items I'll be wearing ...

Necklaces - Topshop | Bracelets - Topshop | Ring - Matalan

Bracelets - Primark | Ring - Primark

Wellies - Matalan*

Ankle Boots - Primark

Floral Headband - Primark

Fringe Bag - Primark

Necklace - Primark

Necklaces - Matalan

Aztec Cami - Primark

Tie-Dye off Shoulder Dress - Missguided

Denim Shorts - Miss Selfridge

Playsuit - Miss Selfridge

Pac a Mac - Matalan

Knee High Socks - Primark
As you can see, I've gone a bit OTT with festival clothing and accessories but hey, I've never been to one before and want to experience it to the full, fashion and accessories included. Sorry I haven't gone into detail about every item I've bought like I usually do in my haul posts but I'm currently writing this late at night and I've bought so much stuff that this post would be too long if I added comments after every item. 

The wellies are a bit of a cheat as I didn't actually buy them with my own money but I did buy them for the festival none-the-less. You might of seen that I recently took part in Matalan's Style Project where I was provided with a £50 voucher to create a festival look so I bought those for that but of course intend to take them to T in the Park with me too. Wellies are a must at a festival so I knew I'd be putting some of my £50 towards a pair and as soon as I spotted these black ones with a brown band around the top, I had to have them. I think they're lovely as they'll go with all of my outfits and they're a bit more stylish than your bog standard khaki wellington boot. I also picked up this cute pair of fringe ankle boots from Primark to wear if the wearhers nice which apparently its going to be. Yippee! As great as wellies are, they're more appropriate for mud and rain than glaring sun so I've made sure I'm prepared for whatever the weather come rain or shine.

As you can see I've also bought some pretty items of clothing to wear including a cute aztec cami from Primark, Denim shorts and a playsuit from Miss Selfridge, a tie-dye off the shoulder dress from Missguided and a pac-a-mac from Matalan. I absolutely love them all and think they're all very 'festivaly' so keep your eyes peeled for a festival themed outfit post sometime next week to see how they look.
Festival outfits obviously wouldn't be complete without accessories too so I went a bit jewellery crazy in Primark and Matalan.  I got three multi-packs of bracelets and super cool 'double ring' with dangly crosses and a chunky tarnished gold necklace from Primark and I also picked up a necklace with cute little crosses from Matalan. My mum bought me the lovely black and gold spiky number for my birthday and my best friend who I'm going to T in the Park with also bought me some lovely festival jewellery from Topshop and Matalan. I especially love the three tier necklace from Topshop with the cross and spikes- so pretty. I feel like I've gone a bit cross mad in terms of jewellery! I also picked up a fringed bag from Primark to keep my belonging safe and lets face it, a festival outfit wouldn't be complete without a bit of fringing. I also got some knee high socks from Primark to wear underneath my wellies. I love the stitching on them, its so cute.

Another festival accessory that I just HAD to get is a floral headband. They're all over the place at the minute so when I spotted this pretty one in Primark, I instantly added it to my basket. I imagine it will look lovely with natural messy hair - very boho indeed. Hopefully it will distract from any greasy roots that start to make an appearance towards the end of the weekend too. Eeep, thank god for dry shampoo.

Of course I'll be taking lots of other essentials with me like wet wipes, dry shampoo, suncream, hand sanitizer and plenty of beer but this post would go on forever if I told you about all of that! I feel like I'm prepared for anything though and I've even bought a portable iphone charger - check me out. I just need to make sure I don't lose anything now or drop my iphone in a pile of mud. Wish me luck guys!

Have you ever been to a festival? Do you like my fashion choices?

Lots of Love,

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