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From time to time I love nothing more than having a pamper in the bath and treating my skin to a face mask. They’re a lovely little treat when you’re feeling a bit stressed and need to wind down or if your skin needs some tender loving care. The face masks I tend to reach for on a regular basis are from Origins as I got a set of three of their most popular masks for Christmas. All of them are designed for various skin concerns so I always know I’ll have something on hand when my skin is feeling a bit lack-lustre. I’m going to do a mini review of each of them explaining what they are, how they work and if they work for me. Keep reading to find out more ...

Clear Improvement | £22.00 | Active charcoal mask to clear pores
This would have to be my most used Origins mask as its brilliant at clearing my skin when it feels congested. Clear Improvement is a charcoal based mask and when applied to the skin the active charcoal works like a magnet to draw pore-clogging impurities out of the skin. Although its not the most attractive or comfortable mask to wear (its dark grey and sets like clay on the skin) and you will look like you’ve been rolling around in a pool of mud when you’re wearing it, it does exactly what it says on the bottle, clears the skin. As someone with combination skin, my t-zone is prone to oiliness which can then lead to blocked pores and pimples. However, when I use this mask, my skin looks instantly clear. I know its a bold claim to make but I feel like my pores and any impurities are dramatically reduced after just one use of this mask. If you’ve ever been for a facial, you’ll know how clear your skin looks afterwards – so clear its almost white. Well, this mask has the same effect. If like me you suffer with combination or oily skin, I can’t recommend this mask enough. When used once a week, it really keeps all the grime and dirt that gets under the skin at bay.

Drink Up | £22.00 | 10 minute mask to quench skin's thirst 
Origins most famous mask would have to be the ‘Drink Up Intensive’ that can be applied before bed and left to work wonders while you get some shut eye. I haven’t actually tried that one myself but this ‘Drink Up’ mask is essentially the same thing, just a tad less intensive. Unlike the intensive mask, this one is left on for ten minutes to inject the skin with moisture. I find this one very nice to use in the Autumn/Winter months when my skins feeling dry as my skin really does ‘drink it up’ as the name states. It’s quite a thick mask but it feels very comfortable and doesn’t set hard. I can feel it sinking into my skin straight after application and once I’ve left it on for ten minutes (sometimes longer depending on how dry my skin in) I wipe away any excess and am left with soft, smooth and plump looking skin. It smells like peaches too which I can’t complain about. To conclude, this is a great mask if you suffer with dry skin or if you just fancy injecting your skin with a big fat dose of hydration.

Out of Trouble | £22.00 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin
Of all three Origins masks I own, this is my least used due to the fact I'm quite lucky and don't suffer with problematic or blemish prone skin. However, now and again, a volcanic like zit will erupt on my face so its nice to have this product sat in my bathroom cupboard ready to sort my face out in times of need. The first thing I noticed about this mask was the distinctive smell as I personally think it smells like vicks chest rub but I think thats down to the Zinc Oxide, Sulfur and Camphor ingredients. I can't say its the most pleasent thing to slather all over my face but if it helps keep spots at bay, what the hell. I think this is designed to be used once or twice a week if you suffer with oily skin to prevent unwanted spots appearing. However, as I don't suffer with spots all that often, I tend to use this when one appears to help reduce it and prevent anymore from popping up. I slather it on my face for the recommended ten minutes and although it tingles and sets hard which isn't the most comfortable sensation, I feel like its working. I notice a difference straight after removing this mask and find it helps reduce the size and redness of any beasty spots. I'd recommend this to anyone who suffers with oily, combination and blemish prone skin. It won't give you flawless blemish free skin after one use but it'll certainly help out in the long run.

So there we have it, my thoughts on three Origins face masks. I really like all of them and love the fact they can all be used for a different skin concern. With these three masks sitting in my cupboard, I'll be ready to take on any skin scenario!

Do you like using face masks? Have you tried any of these Origins ones? 

Lots of Love,

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