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NUDE Cleansing Oil and Purify Toning Water
NUDE Cleansing Oil & Purify Toning Water 2
When it comes to skincare there's so many brands out there and so many choices that I'm often left overwhelmed by what to buy. There's also other things to factor in such as price, my skins needs, the reputation of the brand and their products (does it have good reviews from fellow bloggers, etc etc). With this being said, a little while ago I went on what you might refer to as a skin care 'rampage' and I decided to invest in some high-end products for my skin. I really believe good skin is the key to flawless makeup so its important to keep it in its best possible condition. Before I spent a good chunk of my hard  earned cash on products, I wanted to get some advice from someone who knows their skin care stuff which is when I asked the lovely Zoe from Zoenewlove if she could help out. She's an amazing makeup artist with a keen interest in skin care and after seeing her flawless face, I knew she was the girl to turn to. She recommended lots of products and went into great depth about each one and how they'd benefit my skin (thanks Zo!) and a couple of the products she recommended were from a brand called NUDE which I'd heard of before but never actually tried myself.

She described their cleansing oil as her absolute favourite and NUDE in general as one of the best skin care brands she's come across so I was pretty much sold from the get go. The only thing which put me off ever so slightly was the price tag as NUDE is a high-end brand. However, I looked past that and decided to order their perfect cleansing oil for face and eyes and their purify toning water. To be honest, the water was a bit of an impulse purchase but I like to have matching skincare if I'm going to start a new routine so I couldn't buy one without the other - is that really sad?

When my new cleanser and toning water arrived in the post, I was highly impressed with the sleek lilac packaging. I'm quite a visual person so I like my beauty products to look nice as well as do their job and this pair are so pretty. I was so excited to try them so I immediately slathered my face with them as soon as they arrived. I was most excited to try the oil cleanser as I'd never used an oil to cleanse with before and I liked the idea of massaging something directly onto my skin to melt my makeup. I have to say, I wasn't disappointed with the oil and its now become one of my all time favourite cleansers. When applied to dry skin it feels so luxurious and I thoroughly enjoy massaging this around my face until my makeup (including stubborn eye makeup) has completely melted away. I then add a splash of warm water to my face and the oil turns into a milky lotion - I don't know why I find this oil to lotion transformation so impressive, but I bloomin well do. I then wipe the cleanser away with a face cloth (pack of five from ebay - can't go wrong) and job's a good en! I also love how gentle it is on my skin - I'm a bit of a sensitive Sally so anything that's free of mineral oil, sulphates and general nasties (which this is) usually goes down well with me. It also smells lovely and when I've removed it with a cloth, my face doesn't feel remotely dry or tight like it can with more conventional 'foaming' cleansers. I genuniely love it and can't urge you to try it enough! Also, don't be put off if you have oily or combo skin. I originally thought oil would be a big no-no with my combination skin but I've since discovered its a great choice for us oily gals as it helps to balance everything out and hydrate the skin which funnily enough is normally what oily skin needs. Who'd have thought it?

Moving on to the purify toning water - this is a bit of a random one. Don't get me wrong, its absolutely lovely and refreshing on the skin and great to use as a pair with the cleanser but do I think its an essential? Definitely not. I do find it gives my skin some added radiance after use but other than that it doesn't do enough to justify its high price tag. I've used lots of other toners/waters (whatever you want to call them) that are much cheaper than this one and they have the same effects. One of my favourite cheaper alternatives is the Nourish Protect Cooling Toning Mist which is great to spritz on and refresh the skin after cleansing. The same applies to the Avene Eau Thermale Water Spray. (Link). So yeah, I'm a bit mixed on this one. A lovely products but it doesn't have the same 'must-have' status as the cleanser for me.

I've been using these NUDE products for a good few moths now as I like to give skincare a proper try before mentioning it on my blog and I'd definitely go as far as saying they're some of the most effective and luxurious skincare products I've ever tried. I'd love to try more from this brand including their serum and moisturiser but as they're quite pricey, I'll have to do a bit of saving up first. If you're looking to invest in some high quality skincare, I can't recommend NUDE enough.

P.S - Aren't my new flower lights super cute? I spotted them whilst browsing ebay recently and just had to have them. I've popped them along the sideboard in my living room and it looks so cosy as night time with them twinkling away but I also thought I'd experiment popping them in some blog photos and I quite like how its turned out. A few people asked where I got them from when I popped a photo on Instagram, so this is the seller here if you fancy grabbing some for yourself.

Have you ever tried NUDE products? Can you recommend any other gems I should try?

Lots of Love,

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