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This weekend my boyfriend and I travelled home to the Lake District to go and meet my nanna and grandad's beautiful new puppy Bindi. I was like an excited child all the way home and I couldn't wait to give her a big cuddle. As soon as I walked into their living room and saw her sat on the sofa - a teeny tiny ball of fluffy cuteness, I completely fell in love and was instantly besotted by her. If you follow me on Instagram (@kayleighjcouture), you've probably seen me posting photos and declaring my love for her all weekend. Yep, I'm smitten.

To be honest, I never used to be a dog person until my nanna and grandad got a puppy named Amber eight years ago. I was fifteen at the time and before that stage I'd always been terrified of dogs (thanks to a few bad experiences when I was younger). However, as soon as they got Amber, a gorgeous black and white springer spaniel, I was officially converted and I'm now a fully certified dog person. Unfortunately Amber passed away a few months ago from sudden liver failure and we were all heartbroken. She was such a fun and loveable dog and she really made my visits to my nanna and grandad's house all the more special. She'd always be happy to see me, always be happy to play all weekend long with her favourite blue ball and she'd always be sad to see me leave. I think that's the wonderful thing about pets - they love you unconditionally and they're always there to boost your mood and make you laugh.

With this being said, my nanna and grandad felt their house wasn't a home without a dog and although they never want to replace Amber, they decided a new puppy would lift their spirits and inject that feeling of joy and happiness a pet brings back into their lives. That's when they decided to go and look at some cavapoo (cavalier crossed with a minature poodle) puppies and they completely fell in love with them. Last weekend they brought Bindi home, a little girl puppy and she's been utterly spoilt and cherished ever since. A few of you were asking questions about her on my Instagram photos so I thought it'd be nice to do a post about her and share some of the photos I took over the weekend on my DSLR. I think she was sick of me and my camera by the end of the weekend but isn't she the most adorable thing you've ever seen? I'm going to get some of the photos above printed off for my nanna and grandad as they're just so lovely.

Its hard to gage how small she actually is from the photos above but she's only ever so slightly bigger than my nanna and grandad's ipad and she's as light as a feather - less than half a stone. She's got the most beautiful caramel coat of curly hair and she looks just like a little teddy bear. She loves to cuddle which is fab as its safe to say she's had a lot of cuddles from me this weekend! She's also a playful little thing and has a 'hyper' half hour when she gets up in the morning. She's also doing brilliantly with her weeing and pooping and has only done the deed on the carpet once so far. Yay! She has some naughty traits too which include nibbling anything she can get a hold of (she especially loves ankles and socks) and going to the toilet in the kitchen everytime we sit down to eat - haha! Hopefully they're just puppy traits though and she'll grow out of them with some more training.

I could sit and talk about her all day but I'll stop here before I start rambling. To summarise, she's absolutely beautiful and I'm already looking forward to going home again for another visit. If you've been thinking about getting a puppy for a while - I say go for it. It isn't easy and in some ways its just like looking after a baby but the positives certainly outweigh any negatives. I can't wait to get a puppy of my own in the future!

Do you have any pets? How did you find training a puppy? I'd love some tips so I can pass on to my nanna and grandad! :)

Lots of Love,

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